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Nasturtiums are the paper flower for July

9 Nasturtium stems in crepe paper
My paper flower for the month of July is the nasturtium.It is also the celebratory flower for 40th wedding anniversaries and a symbol of patriotismNasturtiums were originally found in South America where it is believed that, grown as a perennial, they were cultivated as a salad crop and for their medicinal properties.They found their way to Spain in the 16th-century care of the conquistadors and quickly spread throughout Europe and beyond.During the Second World War, the seeds were ground as an alternative to pepper.
One of the first nasturtiums to flower in the gardenThey are flowers which pack a colour punch throughout the summer.  Yellow, orange and red blooms climb or cascade, framed by their distinctive leaves.As a seed to plant annually, Nasturtiums suit me and my garden down to the ground; they like poor soil and are relatively easy to grow.  Perhaps the most important thing is that for me as a varifocal glasses wearer, they are good solid seeds,…

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